To cross or not

Okay, I’ve been pondering something for a week or so so I thought I would just write it out and see if I come to any conclusions.  I’ve tried this blog thing once before, this time I’m going to be more dedicated in posting my thoughts and inviting your responses.  So here’s my latest curiosity…

I was having lunch last week with a friend.  She said “I’m surprised you don’t have a cross on”  (she sells beautiful jewelry and they do have a cross in their catalog).  I did have cross earrings on… She then said “I don’t wear them because I don’t want people to prejudge me based on a cross I might wear.  You know, they will assume certain things about me if I’m wearing a cross.  It might be a turnoff to them and they won’t even want to get to know me.”  HHmmm, what do I think about that?  What do you think about that?  

Is it a bad thing for people to know from the get go that I am a Christian?  As soon as someone enters my home they know we serve Jesus.  I have a cross outside the door, a cross wall, scripture on the wall, a picture of Jesus and various angel knick-knacks.  If someone were to look even closer they would probably find books, Bibles, studies, etc.  Is that wrong?   They might turn and run out the door…or they might feel really uncomfortable…or at home.  We all represent something, I hope I represent Jesus.  I get my friend’s point, wearing a Christian tee shirt or jewelry might turn some people off, but maybe it will hold me accountable to behave in a way to bring honor to Him.  Or maybe someone will ask me about it…

I got a tattoo for my 50th birthday.  It is a paisley with a flower at the end…kind of an upside down exclamation point.  I chose that design to permanently ink my body because 1) I like paisley and 2) I want to live out loud for Jesus…with an exclamation point!  Some people may judge me because I have a tattoo, other’s for the design.  I hope they ask me about it… I guess you have to choose who and what you want to serve…what message you want to present by your appearance (or house or car) and do it the best you can.  

So, what do you think?  Do you have a bumper sticker?  Wear a cross?  Wear clothes and that advertise something?  I’m thinking I might just order that cross!


Hello world!

This is my first entry to my blog.  I am going to follow the path that God leads me in pursuing Him and my upcoming retirement.  I titled the blog My New Life but I think that will change; it’s not my NEW life, it’s my LIFE in a new direction.  For thirty years I have taugght and counseled kids…from kindergarten to high school seniors.  Now I”m ready to find what my next mission in life will be, where I will go, who I will meet and what lives I will touch.  I’m excited to see where the roads goes!